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The human brain is one of the most complex organs within the human body. Most conditions relate to problems with the structure or function of the brain.

Listed below are the most common brain disorders that we treat. Clicking into these pages you will find more details on the condition. Included are details on how it is diagnosed and potential treatment options.

Some conditions of the brain may not require an operative treatment. In some cases, it’s reasonable to adopt a ‘watch and wait’ policy. Regular clinical and radiological monitoring would accompany this approach.

Dealing with a brain disorder can be a very challenging and stressful time. The team at Neuroaxis have experience treating a wide variety of brain conditions. We support the patient and their family throughout the process.

Brain Tumours

Tumours of the brain can be of various types. They can arise from within the cells of the brain or from the cells of the coverings of the brain. These tumours of the brain are primary brain tumours.

Tumours can spread to the brain from other locations most likely from the lung, breast or kidney. These are metastatic brain tumours.

There are more than 150 documented types of brain tumours. The severity of brain tumours is generally divided into two categories.

Find out more about the different types of brain tumours in this video

Other Brain Conditions

Not all brain conditions are tumorous in nature. Other brain conditions treated at Neuroaxis:

Hydrocephalus Trigeminal Neuralgia