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Doctors can use our online form to refer patients to Neuroaxis. Alternatively, we are happy to accept your referrals either by phone, Fax or e-mail ([email protected])

It’s easy to refer a patient to the Neuroaxis practice. Use our online patient referral form or send referrals to us either by phone, Fax or e-mail ([email protected]). Our practice is also Argus and Referral Net enabled.

We request that as part of the referral you may please provide us with as much detail of the relevant clinical condition. This includes a brief summary of the problem and reports of all relevant tests to date.

We kindly request that you guide the patient to ensure that they arrive to the Neuroaxis appointment with all relevant paperwork. This includes a copy of the scans, x-rays, CTs or MRIs either as printed films or CDs.

At Neuroaxis, we do have access to all the common radiology web portals. At times, accessing scan centre’s website to see these films can fail in which case we may not be able to get the best outcome of the appointment. To avoid such problems, we recommend that the patients bring along hardcopies or CDs of all relevant tests.

The surgeons in our practice see patients for clinical interventions. We do not see patients for medico-legal purposes or to perform disability assessments.

Urgent Referral

In the instance that your patient requires an urgent appointment, we request that you please contact our office by phone. This is to discuss the patient’s clinical condition and any concerns you may have directly with our doctors. In our experience, direct discussions with doctors help us organise the most suitable appointment.

Return Correspondence

We endeavour to ensure that all referring doctors receive correspondence summarising the details of their patient’s visit. We will send you a letter containing our medical recommendation and plan of treatment. As we send the letters post there might be a delay before these letters reach you.

In the case that you need the letters urgently, please contact us and we will fax the letters to you. We do not send the written correspondence by fax as routine. This is due to the high incidence of misplaced letters and concerns with regards to patient privacy.

Educational Events

At Neuroaxis, we regularly conduct educational events. This ensures that our referring doctors keep abreast of new developments in the field of neurosurgery. Most of these meetings are multidisciplinary to provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic being dealt with. Although organised through our office, these events are held in consultation with the support of the relevant primary healthcare networks. It is our endeavour to also ensure that CPD points are available for our educational events.

While these events provide a comprehensive coverage of the topic at hand, they also provide practical advice to deal with specific problems in general practice. In attending these events, you will have the opportunity to interact with specialist. Our doctors are happy to address any specific queries you may have.

Please do let us know through e-mail or phone if there are any specific topics that would be of interest to you. We are always happy to help organise tailored to specific requests.


Neuroaxis is now Telehealth enabled and we can provide this service to eligible patients.

Our practice has a large number of patients who live in country Victoria. We acknowledge that they may have difficulty travelling to access neurosurgical services. We are pleased that we can leverage Telehealth to be able to assist them. However, it is our requirement that the first appointment be in person. This enables our team to get a detailed history and all relevant clinical information.

We are thankful to our referring doctors for supporting us in this endeavour for the benefit of our patients