If you’re looking for a neurosurgeon in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a team of neurosurgeons that provide the most comprehensive neurosurgical care in Melbourne.

Neuroaxis derives its name from the word neuraxis which means ‘the axis of the central nervous system’.

Our practice “Neuroaxis” provides care for medical conditions arising from the structures that form the neuraxis.

This relates to the brain, the spine, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and movement disorders.

Neuroaxis was born with the aim of providing a comprehensive service for neurosurgery patients. Our goal is to streamline their care and ensure the best possible outcome for them.

Not all conditions demand surgical treatment. In fact, the vast majority can be effectively managed by non-surgical techniques. For this reason, we have formed working relationships with related specialisms. These include neurologists, pain physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, interventional radiologists and physiotherapists.

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Our assistance in identifying the best possible care plan for patients helps avoid unnecessary delays. Moreover, we help patients achieve their treatment goals and alleviate their suffering.

Dealing with diseases of the brain and spine can be quite stressful for the patient and the family. We use our experience and expertise to deliver the best quality of care in a professional manner. We hope that ‘Neuroaxis’ will set a higher benchmark standard through our brand of customised neurosurgical care.

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North Melbourne – Werribee – Geelong – Mount Waverley – Ballarat – Box Hill


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COVID 19 has posed a difficult challenge to providing healthcare. Even with social distancing , self isolation and related restrictions , the health needs of our patients do not come to a stop.

Neuroaxis is now fully telehealth enabled and continuing to provide our services. Please click on the link below or call or email us to schedule telehealth appointments with our surgeons.