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At Neuroaxis, we endeavour to deliver the best quality of service and care to our patients. Our practice consists of a team of trained professionals who are skilled at treating a variety of complex brain, spinal and pain conditions

Neuroaxis has a presence in multiple locations around the Melbourne bay area. While centrally based in North Melbourne, Neuroaxis consults patients in various locations in Geelong, Werribee and the eastern suburbs. For address and contact details for each location visit our Contact Us page.

Our Goals

To provide the best quality of patient care, the team at Neuroaxis endeavour to:

  • Explain all the relevant information the patient needs to know about their condition
  • Provide clear details to the patient on their options of treatment
  • Discuss with the patient the pros and cons of the various treatment options available
  • Ensure that the patient and their family understand the goals and expected outcomes of the treatment
  • Care for all patients with empathy
  • Achieve the best possible clinical outcome for the patient