Essential tremor is a common movement disorder. This can affect the arms, the hands, legs or vocal cords.

It can be quite debilitating especially when it affects the patient’s dominant hand. It can affection normal functioning and quality of life.

What Causes Essential Tremor?

The underlying cause of essential tremor is unknown. However, there is a subset of patients in whom they can be familial pattern.

Essential Tremor Treatment

Essential tremors can be reasonably controlled with medications including beta-blockers.  Avoiding factors that aggravate the condition is another method of treatment.

Deep brain stimulation offers effective control of these tremors. The target for deep brain stimulation for tremors is in the thalamus. We use stereotactic localisation techniques to accurately place the electrodes into the thalamus. During the surgery we record nerve cell activity and the response to stimulation. This helps to maximise the benefits of the surgery whilst reducing the possibility of side effects.

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