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Our doctors are happy to provide clinical consultations for privately insured, TAC and WorkCover patients.

TAC and WorkCover Appointments

Acceptance of TAC and WorkCover referrals is based on the details provided in the referral letter. You’ll need to provide to us:

  • a current claim number
  • contact details of your case manager
  • any approval letters for neurosurgical appointments

Once an appointment date is confirmed, we’ll need to receive a letter from WorkCover or TAC confirming that they accept the liability for the cost of your treatment. Failing the presentation of such a letter, you will have to settle the full fee yourself on the date of your visit. You will then have to claim back from their insurer.

TAC and WorkCover Surgical Fees

There will be no out of pocket fee for TAC, WorkCover and DVA card holders. To schedule surgery, Neuroaxis needs to receive written approval from the requisite agency. If a TAC or WorkCover patient wishes to fund the costs of surgery themselves, or through private health care, then Neuroaxis will provide a detailed provisional quote.