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You or your referring doctor can make an appointment by contacting us by phone or you can send us your referral letter by facsimile or email.

Your referral letter needs to include the following details:

  • Your best contact number
  • Email address
  • Current address
  • Medicare number
  • Insurance details

It is important that in addition to your referral letter, you provide copies of all relevant investigations. This includes scan reports or nerve conduction study test results.

We endeavour to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your referral to offer you a suitable appointment.

At the appointment

When coming to the appointment please bring your original referral letter, scan reports and films/CDs. WorkCover patients should bring the approval letter from their case manager to the consultation

We also recommend bringing along a family member or close friend. This is especially useful in the review appointment or the preoperative discussion appointment. As a patient, you may not remember all details of such discussion. Therefore, having someone else come along is useful and encouraged.

When coming to the preoperative visit, it is advisable to bring along your notes or any questions you may want to discuss with our doctors.

You may be requested to fill in relevant questionnaires for clinical research purposes when you come for the appointment.

What to expect after the appointment?

Once a clinical diagnosis has been made, a detailed discussion will be held with you on your treatment options. The pros and cons of each treatment option will be explored, and a medical recommendation will be provided.

In case you need more detailed tests including MRI scans, bone scans or CT myelogram, Neuroaxis will organise this for you.

Similarly, any interventional procedures including CT guided injections, CT guided facet joint, epidural or nerve root injections will be organised by Neuroaxis.

Interpreter Services

We are unable to organise interpreter services for an appointment. In case you need one, we recommend that you make arrangements to have a medical interpreter available. Medical translation by a friend or family member may not be accurate.

Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth allows patients in remote regions to receive medical consultations via telecommunications. Neuroaxis is pleased to be able to provide appointments via Telehealth.  Approval to provide this service is made on a case to case basis in consultation with your general practitioner.

It is mandatory that the first consultation has to be in person. Telehealth services can be utilised for subsequent discussions of test results and treatment options.

How do I make contact in case of an emergency?

If you are a private Neuroaxis patient and you have an emergency, you are welcome to contact our office. If you need an urgent opinion or need to discuss any medically relevant condition after hours, we recommend you contact the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Please dial 03 9342 7000 and ask to speak to the Neurosurgery registrar. In case of an acute emergency, we recommend you contact 000 to access the emergency services that are closest to your location.

To make an appointment with one of our neurosurgeons, please call 03 9329 4761.